3 reasons to save your digital memories for later

3 Reasons to Save Your Memories for Later

January 8, 2018
"For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned" 
~ Benjamin Franklin

These days most people lead hectic digital lives.  We post on the go on social media like Facebook and Instagram, text on the run, and shift between apps like Whatsapp and Messenger to message people throughout our days.  When it comes to the way we communicate and share memories today, we do so by taking pictures, videos, and sending messages.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to cherish these moments one, five, or twenty years from now?  Good luck going through twenty years of social media messages and posts to find that “One” picture, video, or message – you will be scrolling for ages!  

Long gone are the days of stacks of photo albums, reels of family videos on film, and boxes of letters.  So, the quote above from Benjamin Franklin certainly rings true, if we want to continue the tradition of preserving these moments and memories, we would be wise to take a minute to organize now and save ourselves an hour later!  Let’s look at some of the best reasons to take some time to declutter our phones, tablets, and other devices.

#1 - To Locate Events in Time

Locate memories in time with Kumbu

Humans are strange creatures in that we want to capture our present and memorialise our past.  We look back fondly on moments of our lives and reminisce of the way things used to be. Nothing puts you back into those memories like a picture or a video, or maybe looking through some messages from someone you love from years ago.  Whether you are falling in love, backpacking through some far away land, or raising children – think of how valuable it will be to be able to look back on these journeys and events years from now, or to even be able to look back on them from years ago.  

We’ve all sat down and looked through a box of photos with family.  Everyone pulling our random pictures, remembering and trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together – “When was this taken?” or “Was this before or after…”. It is much easier to recall on these memories when you have your facts and timelines straight, and it can save you hours of pouring through albums of photos trying to remember when was when.

#2 - To Pass Down Family History

Family memories must be passed down for traditions to continue

Many of us can remember fondly flipping through family photo albums, learning about who our ancestors and family were. We get to see another way of life through these memories and get a sense of who we are. Wouldn’t we all like to provide our future generations with the same opportunity?  Imagine having to sift through multiple accounts for each family member and looking through tons of online albums to find these pictures, when if you just put in some time and effort into organizing. Then, it can be as effortless as cracking open a dictionary (or Googling something!).  And your children will be grateful to be able to see their childhood captured and saved as well.  Think about them being able to see themselves from ultrasound to graduation and how appreciative they will be of your efforts to keep a track record of their lives.

#3 - To Save Time

Save time saving your digital memories and enjoy life

One of the most attractive reasons to save memories is that it will help you save time. If you want to remember all the details of your ultimate vacation from years ago, you might find yourself sorting through tons of pictures that you might not even want to keep or duplicate, and they may be out of order depending on when you posted them. Undertaking a task such as to sorting through hundreds or thousands of photos all at once will be no easy task, if not impossible. Organize now, and save time… Your eyes will thank you later!

Time to Progress Instead of Forget

It is solely in our hands to take these tasks upon ourselves to take a minute and save and organize our memories on the go.  People have been doing so for so long, and to lose this practice to time would be a terrible loss for us all.  Make sure to take the time and energy and put it towards this fruitful endeavor. In this task, Kumbu can help you. Learn how!

Arnaud Bressier

Father of two and co-founder of Kumbu. I am passionate about travel, music, food & natural wine !

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