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How Friends and Family Communicate Today

June 13, 2018

Before wifi, smart phones and advanced technology opened pathways into different forms of communication, our ways of getting in touch with friends and family were more limited -and some would argue they were far more personal. Talking to other human beings meant hearing another person’s voice or seeing another person’s face. 

The technology at our fingertips has broadened our social circles. Today we can talk with friends, family, and casual acquaintances on a regular basis via technology, and we can also make connections and hold conversations with people whom we’ve never seen face to face.

Different channels

When we think of digital communication, most of us think of social media, but lots of people use the internet for communication outside of Tweets and posts. People are still sending 281 billions of emails per day while 1,5 billions of people use WhatsApp every month.

Video chatting on Skype and other channels is still an option for talking to friends and family. Among social media though, Facebook is the most popular with over 2 billions users that generate over four billion likes every minute!  Meanwhile, Twitter users are sending out 500 millions of Tweets per day. Those aren’t our only options of course. When we’re not on Facebook and Twitter for our communication needs, many of us are posting pictures on Instagram and Snapchat.  

Different Ages = Different Habits

Social media usage varies among different age groups, although it looks like people of all ages are using Facebook. 

- Young people tend to like visual platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, both of which let users upload photographs. In Snapchat’s case, the photos disappear within seconds of being opened. 

- Adults in their 30s and 40s enjoy a mixture of different platforms. They don’t use Snapchat as often as teens and people in their early twenties do, but they divide their social media time between Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. 

- Adults over the age of 50, meanwhile, tend to stick to Facebook and to classic forms of communications (email, SMS)

How communication will evolve?

Tools and habits change all the time. But what is it that all modern platforms have in common? Pictures and videos. In the future, we’ll probably lean towards even more photo and video sharing platforms, especially since young people tend to prefer visuals in their social media. 

Therefore, will we still use emails as a way to communicate outside of the professional area?
Will phone calls be replaced by Video calls?
And should we do with all the information that is shared? 

Well, Kumbu can help you save all your digital memories, photos and videos from all of these social media platforms. 

Kumbu is a digital souvenir box that helps you collect, store and organize in a single place all your digital memories any way you like. You also get to control who you want to share them with, so you can be sure your photos, videos, or messages are seen by your mom who only uses email, your daughter who stays on Instagram, and your cousin who spends a lot of time on Facebook. 

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Arnaud Bressier

Father of two and co-founder of Kumbu. I am passionate about travel, music, food & natural wine !

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Give your digital memories a home!

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