5 Awesome Services to Print Things You Didn’t Know Existed

September 30, 2016
Ever wished you could print your blog, your Facebook story, your Instagrams or your SMS conversations? What about creating clothes and figurines out of your kids drawings? Well, you can.

Stop trying to Copy — Paste — Print

‍Stop trying to Copy — Paste — Print and check out these 5 awesome services that will help you save time and create really cool things! All these services offer international shipping for those of you who live in a place far far away.


BlookUp will help you print a book out of your blog, your Instagram and even your Facebook timeline. They have a small yet convenient range of book formats (15x15cm, 15x21cm & 20x27cm). I’ve printed my travel blogwith BlookUp and they made a really good looking book!

Website: blookup.com


Put simply, Cheerz prints your digital pictures; nothing new here, except they do it in the coolest possible way! They have a wide range of cool products, from classic photo albums, to magnets, sweet little boxes, posters… It’s a pretty neat present to offer and prices are really reasonable. Also, my kid loves playing with these magnets.

Website: cheerz.com

‍Crayon Creatures

‍Your kids drawings are unique? Now why not make a figurine out of these? That’s what Crayon Creatures allows you to do. You send these guys one of your kids lovely creations and they’ll send you a unique figurine to decorate your home and entertain your kids.

Website: crayoncreatures.com

Picture This

Picture This Clothing allows you to transform your kids’ drawings into real clothes! It’s easy, playful and original. Sadly, they don’t offer the service for adult size clothes…

Website: picturethisclothing.com


I hear you love Texting! Well, good news is Tx.to will help you print your favorite SMS conversations with your pal, with your dad or whoever you’re texting! Your text will be printed on these cute little rolls of paper.

Website: tx.to

There are plenty more services available and new ones emerging everyday. Don’t hesitate to share the ones you love — always happy to discover new ones!

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