How 4 Easy Hacks For My 2017 Resolutions Will Make Them Happen

January 6, 2017
Did you conquer your new year’s resolutions last year? I didn’t, which is why I’ve carried them over to 2017. Only this time, it’ll be different: I’m actually going to make them happen. This time, I have a plan.

Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017!

Judging from mainstream news and social media context, 2016 was a tough year around the world, filled with drama, death, and depressing news stories. The past twelve months affected me too, and while there is nothing I can do to change the course of history, there is plenty I can change in personal life to flip the negativity into a learning experience. And the first thing I’m changing is the way I deal with my New Year’s resolutions.

You’re probably thinking:

“Resolutions are boring and typically die before January does.”

Truer words were never spoken. So here’s my hack to make my 2017 resolutions happen for real — and you can do it, too:

How to Hack Your 2017 Resolutions

Turn Resolutions Into Objectives

Stop using the “R” word. Resolutions are often overly ambitious, which is why they become empty promises. Objectives, however, aren’t as daunting. They’re concise and measurable, and don’t bring that shadowy feeling of guilt when (yes, when) you stray off course.

Only Take On Objectives You Can (And Want to) Commit To…

Forcing yourself to do an activity simply because it might be good for you is a direct setup for failure. I’m not going to jog 10km every week — because I hate running! Your objectives have to fit in with your way of life, and without overextending yourself.

…And That Are Realistic

When creating your objectives, be honest with yourself about what you can achieve in 365 days. Why I usually don’t comply with resolutions is because I find it difficult to pace my efforts in a 12-month span. This year, I’m not going to force myself into achieving every resolution instantly. Instead, I’m heading toward the finish line while enjoying the journey that takes me there. Every little step is a victory!

Celebrate Achievements

Every job well done deserves a reward, even if it’s simply for motivational purposes. This year, for each objective I reach I’ll put 1 euro in a jar. In twelve months I’ll use this jar to measure my efforts of 2017… and treat myself!

And you? How will you make your resolution happen?

Tom & Donna from Park And Recreations — they know how to treat yo’ self!

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