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How to Stay Organized in a Digital Madhouse

April 2, 2018

When it comes to organization, you can’t get much better than Marie Kondo.  As an organization specialist in Tokyo and a best-selling author, her organizational process is unmatched.  She would never leave a messy trail of memories like many of us do today.  Think of all your social media accounts.  You might take some pics with Instagram, share some videos on WhatsApp, and post a story on Snapchat.  With all those memories scattered across different platforms and possibly multiple devices, it looks like a total nightmare for you to sort everything out. Let’s see how we can help you organize your digital mayhem.

What memories would you want to find back later?

Of course, when it comes to memories, our minds automatically think about saving our photos and videos; but you may also want to revisit some other stories of life events, or memorable discussions you might have had.  You might want to save stories, or even tagged photos of yourself from friends.  Also, don’t count out text messages or emails, if you want to save and remember some special correspondence with your (ex) lover or with your friends.

old photos are digital memories worth saving with Kumbu

Where are your memories?

Just think about all the places our digital memories may hide: 

- Hard drives, flash drives and CDs.  

- Devices: it could also be stashed on multiple devices like phones, cameras, and video cams. Also think about older devices you may have just shoved in a drawer with pics or texts on them you’d like to save.  

- Online: memories could also be scattered across several social media networks (Facebook or Instagram), and even on older unused mailbox accounts.  Don’t be afraid to poke around.

social media memories are scattered

How to choose memories worth keeping?

Happy memories makes people happy! If thinking about a particular moment, person or place makes you happy, then memories that are related to those are worth saving.  Think about how you feel now when you see an old photo of yourself with friends or during a happy moment like a birthday party, and the joy you feel when reliving that moment.  All the happy feelings and nostalgia come rushing back to you.  Think about how doing a bit of organization can make it so much easier to feel that in the future.  Also, not everything is worth keeping: you don’t need 5 different versions of a same photo - just pick one!

Are your memories portable?

Can you move your memories from a place to another or are they locked in some place? If they’re locked in an app, on a web page or in your phone, the risk of losing it is very likely. The site may go down in the future or may lose their data. To ensure persistency, it really is important that you create copy of those memories, and have them collected in a single place.

What to do with non portable memories

Use Kumbu and Keep your Memories Safe!

2 copies are better than 1! So do make a copy of your memories. Also, if a copy of all your memories reside in a common place, it will be easier to find them back. 

Kumbu is the a secure and private place where to consider saving your favorite memories. Because it allows you to save your favorite photos and videos that are on your devices, but also because it helps you create copies of digital memories that are on social media or in apps like Facebook, Instagram and more.

Kumbu helps you save social media memories

How to organize your digital files and memories?

Keeping your memories organized will make it easy for you to find them at any time. Create collections on Kumbu to find them later more easily.  This will make it super easy to go through your memories at a later date and filter out what you want to see

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