Kumbu Year 2015 in Music

January 11, 2016
At Kumbu we love music. We also love to relive our greatest moments and when data highlights and quantifies our daily lives in a useful or interesting way to us. So when Spotify offers to dive in our musical year 2015, it’s an opportunity we could not resist!

Gladly, all of us used Spotify in 2015. Diane switched to Deezer, but she used Spotify for 4 months during the period, so we were able to make some realistic projections! We collected the data from Spotify, mixed it into this first Kumbu musical report — soon to become a reference guide for musical critics all around the world. :p

For now, it’s just a great (yet surprising) playlist: Kumbu 2015 in Music playlist.


Ok, enough chatting: here’s Kumbu Year 2015 in Music!

124… days of music?!

Yup! Here’s the facts, the team has listened to:

  • 176,319 minutes of music in total: that’s 2,935 hours, or 124 days of music!
  • 5,338 different artists
  • 15,417 different titles

Kumbu’s top music listener is Arnaud with 46 days in total.

Bart is the one who listens to most different artists: 2,108 in total.

Kumbu’s Top Artists of the year

Anna: Kendrick Lamar

Arnaud: Chilly Gonzales

Bart: Buika

Diane & Ziad: Mashrou’ Leila

Kumbu’s taste are very eclectic! Apart from Diane and Ziad who happen to share equal love for Mashrou’ Leila (ranked N#1 for both of them), all of Kumbu’s top 5 artists are different.

The team mainly listens to English speaking artists. But thanks to Diane and Ziad, French (Soviet SupremAkalé Wubé, Zoufris MarakasJacques Brel) and Arab language music were able to join in the Top 5.

Clearly, Kumbu mostly listens to established artists, that have released at least 2 albums, if not many. There are only two “music rookies” in our top Artists that are Deluxe (listened by Bart) and Soviet Suprem (listened by Diane).

If Hip Hop has its place at Kumbu, it is thanks to Anna’s devotion to Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky. Finally, it’s interesting to notice that one of Ziad’s favorite artist is a standup comedian, in the person of Cameron Esposito.

Kumbu top albums of the year

Anna: F1ORIDA — Diplo

Arnaud: The Wandering of the Avener — The Avener

Bart: Je n’aime pas le classique mais ça j’aime bien — Various Artists

Diane: Raasuk — Mashrou’ Leila

Ziad: Mashrou’ Leila — Mashrou’ Leila

Bart is the “Best Of” guy of the office with 3 out of 5 Top Albums being compilation or best of (Ray Charles, J’aime pas la musique Classique mais ça j’aime bien, La Bande à Renaud).

Arnaud is the one listener with most new albums, with 4 out of 5 of albums released in 2015.

Kumbu favorite hits of the year

Anna: Alright — Kendrick Lamar

Arnaud: The Ballad of Arlo jones — Kevin Morby

Bart: Uptown Funk — Mark Ronson

Diane: Raasuk — Mashrou’ Leila

Ziad: Astérix et Cléopatre: le Gateau empoisonné — Jacques Balutin

We’re proud to say that we only listen to exquisite music. As proof of this, our top Hits of the year (guaranteed Justin Bieber free). But why does Ziad listen to a cartoon soundtrack you may ask?! Actually, that would be his kids listening.

Hall of Shame

Kumbu year in music could have been perfect… but it isn’t.This year shame award goes to… oh, it’s a tie!

  • Bart and his #5 favorite Artist: Seal
  • Ziad and his favorite Title of the year 2015: Astérix et Cléopatre, le Gateau empoisonné

What’s your year in Music?

If you want to discover your Spotify year in music, here’s the link: http://yearinmusic.spotify.com

Kumbu Year 2015 in Music Full list

Anna’s Year in Music

24,000 minutes

397 hours

17 days

980 artists

3,485 titles

Top artists:

  1. Kendrick Lamar
  2. Kasabian
  3. Eels
  4. The Strokes
  5. Radiohead

Top albums:

  1. F1ORIDA — Diplo
  2. West Ryder Pauper Silver Bullet — Kasabian
  3. AT.LONG.LAST.A*AP — A$AP Rocky
  4. Plastic Beach — Gorillaz
  5. good kid, m.A.A.d city — Kendrick Lamar

Top titles:

  1. Alright — Kendrick Lamar
  2. m.A.A.d city — Kendrick Lamar
  3. Canal St. — A$AP Rocky
  4. Electric Body — A$AP Rocky
  5. Money Trees — Kendrick Lamar

Arnaud’s Year in Music

66,000 minutes

1,102 hours

46 days

1,298 artists

5,223 titles

Top artists:

  1. Chilly Gonzales
  2. Kevin Morby
  3. Courtney Barnett
  4. Alabama Shakes
  5. Nick Drake

Top albums:

  1. The Wandering of the Avener — The Avener
  2. Sound & Color — Alabama Shakes
  3. Still life — Kevin Morby
  4. Jungle — Jungle
  5. Solo Piano II — Chilly Gonzales

Top titles:

  1. The Ballad of Arlo jones — Kevin Morby
  2. Panama — The Avener
  3. My type — Saint Motel
  4. I fall Apart — Rory Gallagher
  5. The Jester, The Tramp & The Acrobat — Kevin Morby

Bart’s Year in Music

50,000 minutes

831 hours

35 days

2,108 artists

4,189 titles

Top artists:

  1. Buika
  2. Kyle Eastwood
  3. Deluxe
  4. Ray Charles
  5. Seal

Top albums:

  1. Je n’aime pas le classique mais ça j’aime bien — Various Artists
  2. La Bande à Renaud — La Bande à renaud
  3. Magnifique — Ratatat
  4. I believe to my Soul Best of — Ray Charles
  5. Time places — Kyle Eastwood

Top titles:

  1. Uptown Funk — Mark Ronson
  2. Home — Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
  3. Superstition — Stevie Wonder
  4. Pony — Deluxe
  5. Someone like you — Adele

Diane’s Year in Music

34,088 minutes

568 hours

24 days

676 artists

2,136 titles

Top artists:

  1. Mashrou’ Leila
  2. Zoufris Maracas
  3. Soviet Suprem
  4. Pink Martini
  5. Akalé Wubé

Top albums:

  1. Raasuk — Mashrou’ Leila
  2. Chienne de vie — Zoufris Maracas
  3. L’internationale — Soviet Suprem
  4. Get Happy — Pink Martini
  5. Shake Shool Shaken — The Do

Top Titles:

  1. Raasuk — Mashrou’ Leila
  2. Lust for a vampyr — I Monster
  3. Flashed Junk Mind — Milky Chance
  4. Whistle — Brisa Roche
  5. Cigarette Burns Forever — Adma Green

Ziad’s Year in Music

2,231 minutes

37 hours

2 days

276 artists

384 titles

Top artists:

  1. Mashrou’ Leila
  2. Thomas Fersen
  3. Cameron esposito
  4. The Doors
  5. Jacques Brel

Top albums:

  1. Mashrou’ Leila — Mashrou’ Leila
  2. Same Sex Symbol — Cameron Esposito
  3. Morning Phase — Beck
  4. Pièce montée des grands jours — Thomas Fersen
  5. Astérix au cinéma — Various Artists

Top titles:

  1. Astérix et Cléopatre: le Gateau empoisonné — Jacques Balutin
  2. Why Worry? — Dire Straits
  3. Far from any road — The Handsome Family
  4. Nantes — Beirut
  5. Fasateen — Mashrou’ Leila
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Father of two and co-founder of Kumbu. I am passionate about travel, music, food & natural wine !

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