Four Games help you get back precious memories

These Four Games Will Help You Get Back Precious Forgotten Memories!

April 5, 2018

Like treasured heirlooms, memories can bring long-lasting joy to gatherings with your friends and family! Moments from the past can be remembered in as many different ways as there are people to share those memories. 

Sometimes our memories can become cloudy as the dust of time, responsibilities, and other distractions settle over them. The good news is that there are many different ways to recover and relive those memories! One amazing way to recall and share memories with your loved ones is to play group games! 

These four game ideas will get you started. 😉

Photo Clues

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The beautiful and sometimes frustrating thing about the past is that we all remember it differently. Use this game to bring back multiple perspectives from the same event. Begin by choosing a photo from a moment that everyone in the group can remember (each player may come along with a few random photos). Each participant should come up with something that he or she remembers specifically about the moment from the photo. Did somebody say something to make everyone in the picture laugh? Maybe you remember who burned the chocolate cake or prepared this amazing margarita on the table in the picture? 

Once every player chooses his or her specific memory, take turns granting clues about your memories until another player guesses what you’re thinking. For example, if you remember that everyone in the photo is smiling because Uncle James had just told one of his terrible puns, you might give clues like “The person who made us laugh is known for his dad jokes.”

Who Said That?

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This variation of Photo Clues works especially well if you happen to have a particularly funny family or friend group. In Photo Clues, your game focuses on any aspect of the photographed event. In Who Said That, each player brings up a quote from the event or moment in the photograph. The other players can guess who said the quote. Be prepared for lots of friendly debate over the exact wording of your quotes!

Remember When

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This game is essentially the inverse of the above two games. Instead of sharing the photo at the beginning of the game, hide the photo until after the game has ended. Give one-word clues about the event in the photo until somebody guesses which event your hidden photo reveals. Once a player successfully guesses your photo, he or she gets to choose the next one.

Never Have I Ever

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You’ve most probably played some variation of this game in high school or college. Each player takes turns saying something that they’ve never done. For example, you could say “Never have I ever been to the beach,” or “Never have I ever ridden a roller coaster that goes upside down.” Everybody who has done the action must take a drink. 

Today, make your game specific a photo memory. Your declaration of “Never have I ever won a go-kart race” could spark lots of fun memories of the time when your little cousin did win a go-kart race.

Play these games and add your own ideas! We hope you will enjoy these few games and have a great time with your best friends and family. Another way to spark memories from your favorite moments is to start your own digital souvenir box with Kumbu, the digital souvenir box that allows you to organize and share photos and other digital memories from your most treasured moments. Visit to learn more and get started today! 

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