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This Christmas, Preserve Your Memories With Kumbu

November 17, 2017

A Holiday Full Of Memories Worth Preserving

Though not everyone celebrates it, Christmas is the biggest and most significant holiday of the year for many families around the world. Whether a family is deeply religious or not, Christmas is the time of year when you’ll find good cheer and warmth in every part of the house. Family members you haven’t seen since last year will visit from all over the country to exchange gifts, share wonderful times, and create a wealth of new memories.

These are memories you’ll want to capture and share for posterity. When you snap picture after picture of the Christmas tree or share videos online, it preserves the memories forever and doubles the joy you’ll experience during this marvellous holiday. It’s been common practice for the last several years to share photos online, along with the Christmas greetings and videos you post on applications like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. There’s no doubt that sharing on social media has enhanced our holiday experiences, but Kumbu allows you to take this experience to entirely new levels.

Read on to discover what Kumbu can do to preserve your Christmas memories and sharpen your recollections of them in the future.

Decorating the Christmas tree is a tradition across the world
Decorating the Christmas tree is a tradition across the world

More Than Just Pictures On Christmas Eve

There’s more to the Christmas holiday than just a couple of days at the end of December. They call it the Christmas season because the spirit of family and giving is an ongoing thing, right? The festivities start long before the turkey dinner and all those great presents. There’s decorating the tree, shopping, ice skating, caroling, and visiting with family you don’t often get to see. In other words, there are plenty of chances to capture some truly great memories of friends, family, and the joy of Christmas in general. 

Kid selfie with Santa Clause - Christmas memories

Of course, you’ll want to capture and share as many of these cherished moments as you can. You’ll want pictures and videos from all of Christmas’s many wonderful parts. You’ll want action shots of everyone wobbling around on the skating rink and decorating the tree. You’ll want at least a few minutes’ footage of your five-year-old playing a toy soldier in the Christmas pageant and so on. Then, at some point, you’ll want to organize all these memories in a beautiful arrangement and share them with your loved ones.

Fortunately, there are more ways to capture and share them than ever before. People have been using Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to do it for several years. They’ve also communicated holiday greetings through texting and messenger services like WhatsApp. But organizing it all has been a bit of a problem, especially when you’ve created memories in a lot of different places. There’s been a limit on the sources you can share from as well. For instance, it’s been difficult, if not impossible, to curate and share internet born content or media that’s stored in one your favorite apps. That’s where Kumbu enters the picture(s). Let’s have a quick look at what this innovative new sight can do to help.

Save It All With Kumbu

Kumbu is a different from other social media platforms. Try it for a just a few days and you’ll see all it can do to help you organize and present your important memories. Kumbu allows you to save internet born content as well as your personal media. You can also use Kumbu to extract conversations and other memories from many platforms; this is all very simple and convenient.

We hope you’ll give Kumbu a try today. We also hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday experience this year, no matter how you celebrate the warmth of the season!

This is what your Christmas collection could look like with Kumbu!
This is what your Christmas collection could look like with Kumbu!
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