Why We’re Building Kumbu

October 4, 2016
Meet the people on a mission to help you preserve your digital life.

Who is Kumbu?

Kumbu is made by people

We are a small team of 5 people based in France: Anna, Diane and Bart are young (ie. in their 20s), while Arnaud & Ziad are internet veterans (ie. closing in fast on their 40s). We’ve all experienced digital loss, and we’re devoted to preserving digital memories. Kumbu is a remote company, and we’re all scattered around France and sometimes the world.

We’re people too, building a service for the people.

We’re people too, building a service for the people. We’re driven by our needs, and those of the Kumbu community. Reach out to us to say hello, or tell us what you think about this topic.

Why are we building Kumbu?

Today, all our personal memories are digital. We’ve noticed that we own way too much data. We never clean up.

Our ambition is to help you preserve all your favorite memories that are digital. It can be pictures & videos, but also some emotional emails, interactions on social networks, your favorite blogposts, the places you love, your greatest food recipes, your music playlists and more… (go here to tell us what kind of memories you’d like us to save)

Our mission

We only have one mission which is to help you preserve your digital memories, in the easiest possible way. It sounds easy, but many have tried and failed. So we’re dedicated from the start to make a profitable business out of it, for Kumbu to be sustainable over time. And we have clear values around what we will and won’t do to enable that. Others might do it by selling your data to third parties, or by selling ads. We value your privacy and we will never do that. We want to build a service that you’ll be happy to pay for (Kumbu is free during beta: pricing will be available soon).

You are the boss

Kumbu is your box, for your stuff.

Kumbu is your personal souvenir box.

What you save with Kumbu remains yours forever. No one at Kumbu has access to your content — just like we would not want other people to access our private information.

Being a souvenir box means you get to pick and chose what you put into it. It’s up to you to keep it neat and tidy, or keep it messy and serendipitous.

What you save with Kumbu remains yours forever

If you join us on this journey, and we really hope you do, you will be able to have your most precious souvenirs of a lifetime at reach, organized and easy to find. We’re just starting, and things won’t be perfect from the very beginning; there will be bugs, and issues. We’re committed to addressing the technical issues promptly and discuss the societal issues openly and fairly. This is why we kindly ask for your patience, understanding and contributions.

Now is the perfect time to join and help shape Kumbu

What Kumbu looks like once you start using it

We want Kumbu to reflect the beauty and emotions of your souvenirs. We’re envisionning all kinds of experiences beyond saving, that will make you want to go back and look at your stuff, rather than forgetting about it.

If that sounds like something you’d want, you should give Kumbu a try!

I’m Ziad — Founder and CEO of Kumbu. Thanks for reading!If you like Kumbu, please support our work by sharing this article!

Ziad Wakim

In Paris. Building the @getkumbu Digital Souvenir Box. I also do #ECM for @EVER_TEAM.

Give your digital memories a home!

Give your digital memories a home!

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