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5 Must-Do Family Activities On Family Day

January 24, 2018

Family Day — An Occasion for Togetherness

In various countries all over the world, Family Day is a time for togetherness, bonding, and fun. It’s a day to step back from the everyday routines that often become monotonous and put so much distance between us and our families. It’s also a day to reflect on those wonderful times in the past when our families were all together, as well as to create amazing new memories to nurture us in the future!

We live in a high-octane world these days, one that makes it difficult to slow down and spend enough time with the people we love the most. This is one of the reasons that many countries set aside one day a year that gives families a chance to renew their bonds and share a few intimate experiences. And we want to help you take full advantage of the opportunity.

Here at Kumbu, we want to enrich your Family Day experience as much as possible. We want to help facilitate the creation of new and meaningful memories with the people that know you the best. That’s why we’ve come up with 5 Must-Do Activities on Family Day. Read on to discover what we’ve come up with.

1. Start Things Off With a Family Breakfast

Cook and eat delicious pancakes on Family Day
"Treat yo'self" on family day and share some delicious pancakes

The first activity on our list is as simple as it is rewarding– sharing an intimate breakfast with your family.

We live at an incredibly hectic pace these days, one that forces many of us to eat alone or while we’re on the run between work, school, and the endless errands that make up far too much of our day. Family Day is intended to reverse just kinds of trends and allow for the kind of togetherness that only sharing a meal can bring.

That’s why we suggest that you start off your Family Day by cooking and eating breakfast together. Invite as many close family members as you can and have everyone participate in food preparation, the meal, and clean-up. Eating together as a family is a truly bonding activity. By having everyone participate in all three phases, you’ll generate the talk, fun, and laughter that makes life worthwhile and memorable.

2. Outdoor Fun for The Whole Family

Water play outdoor with the kids on Family Day
Enjoying last warm days of summer to play with the kids on Family Day

After the kitchen is clean and everyone’s digested their breakfast, we suggest you go on an outdoor adventure of some sort. Your options are practically endless, but you should probably find an activity that everyone in the family can participate in and fully enjoy.

Family Day falls on different days depending on your country, so your choice of outdoor activity depends largely on the weather you happen to be experiencing. For the warmer months, we suggest that you take your family on a hiking expedition. This can be in a local, state, or national park. All that matters is that everyone is enjoying nature together — the details will fall into place after that.

Hiking could still be an option in colder weather, but perhaps a ski trip or a little sledding fun might be more appropriate. Last but certainly not least, ice skating is always a wonderful option for families.

3. Local Attractions

Museum visit on Family Day
Visiting the museum is fun - on Family Day!

For an activity that’s a bit more low-key than the outdoor options we mentioned above, why not pay a visit to one of the attractions in your geographic area? The choice is up to you, but a visit to the local zoo or a nearby aquarium is a good way to please children and adults of all ages.

You can also check out one of your local museums or some other place of historical interest. In the end, the choice of venue doesn’t really matter. Family Day will generate wonderful memories no matter where you go provided everyone is together.

4. Pay a Visit To Your Grandparents

Another great idea for Family Day is going to see your grandparents. Visiting your grandparents is a great idea at any time of the year, but especially on a holiday. If you’re like most people, you never get to see them as much as you want to anyway, so make it a point to do so on Family Day. We’re quite sure you’ll be glad that you did.

Grandparents contribute to families in ways that no one else can. First and foremost, they love us unconditionally and ask little in return. They’re also the richest depositories of our long past family memories. They’re full of stories and wisdom that everyone else has forgotten or wasn’t present for in the first place.

Perhaps most importantly of all, they connect us to our past even as they’re helping us create memories for the future. Depending on where your grandparents live, you can make your visit the focal point of your Family Day or simply a single and rewarding part. Either way, just be sure your grandparents are included in all the fun.

5. Finish Things off With a Family Game Night

Playing board game is fun on Family Day

As the energy of Family Day finally begins to fade, you’ll want a shared activity that’s fun, relaxing, and lets you stay at home. Fortunately, a family game night satisfies all these criteria. The games that you play depends on your family’s preferences, but we suggest your favorite board or card game for an evening of at home fun. In our case, it's usually a Ticket to Ride or Magic game 😎

You can also go for something a little more interactive. There’s always the old-fashioned delights of games like charades, Pictionary, or some family styled version of 20 Questions. Again, all that really matters is that everyone’s together and included in all the fun.

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