Save your Instagram Photos & Videos with Kumbu

September 20, 2017

Ever wished you could easily save for later your favorite Instagram photos and videos? 

We all have family reunion photos or a video of our kid learning bicycle that's been published online. Preserving these precious memories is important if we want to make sure to find them back later. Learn how Kumbu makes it really easy for you to export and safe-keep your favorite Instagram pictures and videos using the Kumbu Save Button for Chrome or Firefox.

Kumbu is a new-generation bookmarking tool that allows you to collect your favorite memories from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. Whenever you find an interesting photo or video that you'd want to keep for later, simply hit the Kumbu Save Button to save it. 

Kumbu doesn't just save the link to your memory: it archives the social media content itself, that by nature is ephemeral. So if the source was to disappear, relax it is safe in Kumbu!

instagram photo video download save kumbu
‍The Kumbu Save Button is the easiest way to save your favorite Instagram photos as you surf

Once saved, you can view all your precious memories in your Kumbu account. You can organize your Instagram memories into collections, but also share them privately.

Start saving your favorite Instagram photos and videos with Kumbu

  1. Create your Kumbu account
  2. Install the Kumbu Save Button for Chrome or Firefox (learn more)
  3. Sign-in to your Instagram account
  4. Hit the Kumbu Save Button above every post to save the photos and videos that matters to you

Once saved, you can remix your favorite Instagram memories with other digital souvenirs that you cherish!

Please note that you cannot save all your Instagram posts at once.


Dedicated to making the Internet more human! Kumbu helps people save the digital memories they love.

Give your digital memories a home!

Give your digital memories a home!

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