How To Find Back Magical Memories In Facebook

March 24, 2017
Having trouble finding back Facebook posts from months or maybe years ago? Learn how the Facebook Graph Search can help you find hidden gems.

There are two ways of finding back memories on Facebook. You can either scroll down your wall or timeline — but it’s time consuming — or use the little know potential of the Facebook Graph Search.

To find back your Facebook memories

  1. Type a keyword, a place or month and year in the Facebook search bar
  2. Filter your search using the different options : Posted By, Location, Date Posted

Another way to find back memories is through your Personal Activity Log.You’ll find it on your profile cover image.

Once in the Activity Log menu, you can search and filter:- Posts, likes, comments, posts you’re tagged in… — left side bar- By year — right side bar

To view the original post, click on the Post Date that appears when hovering search results.

We hope these methods will help you find back some precious posts without scrolling for hours!

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Give your digital memories a home!

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