How Kumbu Collections Work

How Kumbu Collections Of Memories Work

July 13, 2018

Kumbu, the souvenir box designed for the digital era allows you to group memories into collections: for an event, a personal project or simply to make it easier to find back memories later. Here's everything you need to know to master a Kumbu collection.

In this article your will learn how to:

  • Create a collection
  • Add memories
  • Change cover image
  • Share a collection
  • Organize and filter
  • Delete a collection

Create a collection

To create a collection

  1. Go to the Collection section
  2. Hit the New collection button
  3. Click on New Collection to change the title
Create and rename a Kumbu Collection of memories

Add memories to your collection

In your Kumbu collection, you can import photos and videos, but also memories from the Web like a Facebook post or a Tweet. 

Import memories from your device

Simply hit the Upload from device button or drag and drop memories directly in your collection

Upload photos and memories to Kumbu

Add memories from the web 

Add memories from any webpage as you surf using the Kumbu Save Button for Chrome and Firefox (learn more).

Save memories from the web with the Kumbu Save Button

Change your collection cover image

To change your collection cover image, hover the souvenir menu and choose Make Cover.

Share your collection

Kumbu provides you with two sharing options. To share a collection, hit the Share button and choose your favorite option. 

  1. Share only: it is private and it allows you to invite friends to a view-only mode. Learn more
  2. Invite contributors : it allows you to invite your friends to contribute to your collection. Learn more
Share a Kumbu collection of memories

Organize and filter

Switch from the timeline view to the grid view for a better overall of your Collection.

Switch to the grid view in Kumbu

Hit the Organize button to select 1 or more memories in order to perform bulk actions: move, delete etc... 

Organize your Kumbu memories

Hit the Filter button to filter memories per source and type. 

Filter your Kumbu memories in a collection

Delete a collection

To delete a collection, click the menu button that's on top of your collection and choose Delete collection.

Deleting a collection is permanent, it cannot be undone. You have the choice between deleting a collection AND its memories or deleting the collection only. In this case, memories will remain in your Souvenir Box.

Delete a Kumbu collection

Arnaud Bressier

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