Save for later your favorite tweets with Kumbu

Save Your Favorite Tweets In Just A Click With Kumbu

October 11, 2017

Are there some special Tweets that you want to save for later? Learn how Kumbu helps you save Tweets in just a click.

How many times have we experienced the frustrating feeling of not finding a Tweet we've seen just recently? How can we remember of the greatest tweets from four years ago? Should we "Like" the tweets worth remembering - thus depriving us of the true meaning of liking someone else's tweet?

We all have some special Tweets we want to set aside and separate from the rest: because we want to read them later or for safe-keeping - in the event that the tweet be deleted, or the account closed. Learn how Kumbu makes it really easy for you to save and safe-keep your favorite Tweets, pictures, videos and even Vines using the Kumbu Save Button for Chrome or Firefox.

Kumbu is a new-generation bookmarking tool that allows you to save your favorite content from Twitter, InstagramFacebook and more. Whenever you find something interesting or that you'd want to save for later, simply hit the Kumbu Save Button! 

Kumbu doesn't just save the link to your Tweet: it archives the social media content itself. So if the source was to disappear, relax it's in Kumbu!

Start Saving Your Favorite Tweets With Kumbu

  1. Create your Kumbu account
  2. Install Kumbu Save Button for Chrome or Firefox (learn more)
  3. Hit the Kumbu Save Button that’s located under every Tweet to save.
  4. Go to Kumbu to view, organize and share your favorite Tweets

Note that you cannot save all your Tweets posts at once.

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Give your digital memories a home!

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